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alina lopez

Who Is Alina Lopez?

Alina Lopez (aka Alina Marich), was born in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. At the age of 16, she enrolled in the University of Granada focusing on communications. After graduation, she worked first as a secretary in a call center then as a receptionist for a law firm. After leaving that job, she pursued modeling then jobs in European and Caribbean but quickly decided to concentrate on telenovela, soap opera and finally her own telenovela or shows, which she began in her early twenties. She had been very active in the telenovela scene since her early twenties and by the age of 34 had started her own show.

It is with this background that one may draw the conclusion that Alina Lopez’s full name is Alina Marich. However, some sources, including some of her family members, claim that Alina was born to Cesar Vallejo Lopes, a lawyer. Whatever the details of her birth, Alina was brought up as Alina Marich in the family, which is why her given name is Alina Marich. There are also other facts about Alina that are not inconsistent with her family background, in particular her being born in Mexico. She was said to be 5′ 6″ in age and weighs 118 pounds.

Based on what little information is known of Alina Lopez, she may have been born in Mexico as Celia Marich. Based on other records, it is clear that she was born in California though no official birth record is available. From her mother’s maiden name, it is clear that Alina was born in Mexico City. The maiden name given was Ellen. Some people’s records sources list Alina as being from San Diego.

The only consistent piece of information about Alina is her birth date. This is consistent with other individuals who claim to be her biological mother, including her mother’s maiden name, and the death date year listed on the original death certificate. Additionally, Alina is listed as having been born in California and as having lived in California since the early part of the 20th century. Based on these pieces of public information, Alina was probably born sometime between October and December of 1924.

Based on the public information listed above, it is apparent that Alina was born in California, lived in California for the period of time described above, and died sometime between October and December of 1924. Based on public records, Alina had been married twice. Her first marriage occurred in 1928. The second marriage was to Jose P. Serrano, who was her second husband.

Based on the pieces of public information described above, the death year city, birth date, and marriage dates are the most reliable pieces of public information regarding Alina Lopez. Based on the information provided by the people’s records sources, Alina was indeed born in San Leandro, California, and lived in San Francisco, California until at least the early part of the thirties. She may have been born in a different city, or she may not have even been born at all. The important point is that she was a single lady, a woman who was widowed, and Alina was certainly not the first woman in her situation to have been born in San Leandro, California, nor the first woman to be widowed in her situation.

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